DBS offers saddle fitting and flocking in the North East. We also do saddle and other leather product repairs, and saddle consignment for both English saddles and Western saddles nation wide! We have a rotating variety of new saddles as well as used saddles on consignment. We offer seven day saddle trials for serious buyers on our entire stock of saddles! Check out our website and online store, or contact us today to learn more!

About the Author(s):

The voices of DBS and the curators of our online content is none other than our very own Gabrielle Smith, and Kate Wilson. Gabby is our Social Media Marketing and Consignment Sales Coordinator- so basically she handles the day to day customer interactions over the web and via phone, plus 1,500 more tasks that we won’t get in to! Gabby is a graduate of Centenary College’s equine program, a former Equine Veterinary Technician, owns an OTTB mare, and prior to joining the DBS team worked on the A show circuit as a groom. She decided to start this blog with the help and guidance of boss lady and long time saddler/saddle fitter Kate Wilson, in the hopes that she could help educate the masses about various, yet important, equine tack related topics. Stay tuned for interesting and educational posts from these two ladies!


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