What Can I do for a Saddle that Got Rained On?

You’re riding out side on a beautiful day, when all of a sudden the unexpected happens- the sky opes up. Your poor saddle is now drenched and you’re worried it could be ruined! Fear not, rained on leather is not a total lost cause.

I have given the same advice for taking care on rained on leather and have even used it myself after riding in a downpour. Towel dry the leather as much as can possibly be done. Allow the leather to begin drying naturally – NOT near a heat source. If leather is dried using a heat source, it will bake and the leather will become brittle or rock hard. At this stage, no amount of oiling with restore it!

As the leather is drying, apply light coats of oil or conditioner to it. Those two simple steps should be enough to fix the problem. There may be some leather fiber separation due to the water soaking in causing the grain side of the leather to appear bumpy. This cannot be rubbed out or diminished in any way. If the leather is cared for right away, this bumpy surface appearance should be minimal at best.

Clearly, it is best to try to avoid these situations. But I get it, rain happens! Don’t panic if it does, try this super simple remedy for your self in the unfortunate event of rain and see it it helps! Happy riding.




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