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As I was scrolling through Twitter thinking about what to write about, I happened upon this post¬†from Horse Bloggers. A simple picture asking about which 5 equestrian products you couldn’t live without. I figured it would be soooo easy, but the more I thought of it, the harder it was to nail down just 5! Read on to see the final revised list that I came up with. All my favorites, why, and where you can get them!

  1. Ogilvy Half Pad: I can’t say enough good things about this pad! Under normal circumstances, a well fitting saddle that is flocked regularly shouldn’t need additional padding. I regularly had Kate out to keep it fitting just right, so I never used a pad. Unfortunately, while working in Florida this past winter Angel started showing some really awful behavioral changes while riding. Since I previously had been a Vet Tech, I called out the Dr. to take some radiographs of her back as Kissing Spines is common among OTTBs, and her behavior was reminiscent of others I had seen in the past. Sure enough, she had two areas which showed evidence of the early stages of Kissing Spines. The vet, who is also a Grand Prix jumper, recommended that I try the popular Ogilvy pad to maximize shock absorption without compromising the fit of my saddle. I grabbed this pad from The Tack Shelter, and I’m so glad I did! The quality is superior and my horse loves it to. A++ from me! You can read more about why it is so wonderful on the Ogilvy website.
  2. Ariat… Anything: I couldn’t narrow it down to just ONE Ariat product- I seem to love everything! From my paddock boots that have lasted 5+ years, to my favorite kick-around cowboy boots AND my going out cowboy boots, to the best fitting, most durable half chaps I have ever owned, to my jeans (YES! JEANS! They make THE BEST jeans I have ever worn!) to jackets and shirts and polos and socks and… I can keep going for hours. I love Ariat. The quality of their products is fantastic, and the price point is even better.
  3. Pessoa Heritage Pro Saddle: I’m going to be honest- I’m a total saddle snob. I love the way it feels to ride in a CWD or Antares, am obsessed with County saddles, and would LOVE to own a Black Country Solare. However, all of these just happen to be out of my price range, and with a horse that has been going through so many changes I couldn’t fathom having to spend that much money AGAIN when she was finished filling out. SO I ended up purchasing a Pessoa Heritage Pro from another girl at the barn. I am SO pleasantly surprised with this saddle! It is super comfortable and the calf leather is to die for. The quality is much more than I had expected from a Pessoa, and the interchangeable gullet has been a total life saver. DBS is hoping to expand our range of saddles to include having a few of these for our clients to try- stay tuned in that regard!
  4. PosturePrep Cross Fiber Groomer: My mare HATES being brushed- it’s that thin Thoroughbred skin. But she LOVES the PosturePrep groomer, so much that always stretches all the way out, leans her body into it and droops her lip nearly to the floor. It’s like giving them a mini massage before riding! It even comes with a bunch of literature and resources explaining what to do and how it will benefit your horse. Super cool little tool!
  5. Black Country Balsam: I’m a freak about clean and perfectly conditioned tack. I take care of my tack because, let’s face it, this stuff is waayyyy to expensive to have to purchase over again because I neglected to take care of it appropriately! Which is why I loveee me some Black Country Leather Balsam. It’s super light and non greasy, and helps to water and mold proof your tack! A definite must have for those of us who put a lot of miles in our saddles and bridles.

I could keep going for another hour, easy. BUT as promised I’m not going to ramble on and on. That was my Top 5 Equestrian products that I can’t live without, what are yours??



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